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Accelerated Baseball Program


2014 WJ Copper Hills Cal Ripken
Accelerated Baseball

If you have been invited to play on an accelerated team please pay for registration fees in the on-line store under accelerated.

The 2014 season preparations are well under way and we are excited to communicate the changes while giving you information on how to participate.

Despite the challenges that occur when starting a new league, our 2013 WJ Copper Hills Cal Ripken Accelerated Baseball season was a tremendous success! Players from the ages of 8-13 participated in approximately 80 additional games while representing the city of West Jordan and our WJ Copper Hills Cal Ripken programs. The 2014 season preparations are well under way and we are excited to communicate the changes while giving you information on how to participate.

What's Different this Year?

To accommodate and provide options to both players and coaches, this season we will accept and form teams a number of ways. The requirements remain the same in that each eligible player MUST be registered and play a minimum of 50% of their games within the regular season WJ Copper Hills Cal Ripken season. Teams will be formed by:

Bringing a team: Approved coaches can submit full roster of players (12-14)and bring a team to play underneath the WJ Copper Hills Ripken name.

Forming a team: Approved coaches attend tryout of WJ Copper Hills Cal Ripken players. Teams will be formed by either bringing a group of players and filling the remainder through tryouts or filled completely through tryouts.

Trying out for a team: Players register and participate in a tryout. All WJ Copper Hills Cal Ripken players are welcomed to try out for a spot within one of the teams in their age division.

How is Accelerated Baseball different than regular season/weekly play?

The Accelerated Baseball program has been designed to run in addition to weekly league play and provide players with an additional competitive arena to further develop their skills amongst other Cal Ripken programs. Exclusively played on Saturday, teams will begin play approximately two weeks following the start of the regular season and last 6-8 weeks as they play a weekly double header. This will allow Accelerated teams to play up to an additional 16 games during the regular season (in addition to our pre-tournament games-3 guaranteed). All Accelerated Baseball games will be contingent upon not interrupting league play and will not be rescheduled for any weather or cancellation reasons. Official playing rules of Cal Ripken Babe Ruth league apply.

What is the aditional cost to participate?

An additional cost will be required of any participating players. The cost this year is $105.00 This cost accounts for field usage, umpire costs, and uniforms. In addition, participating players and teams must be prepared to travel anywhere from Ogden to the Provo area each Saturday for their double header games. Note that our WJ Copper Hills Cal Ripken league will be hosting games at Ron Wood Baseball fields.

Let's play ball!

We are very excited for the 2014 season and the opportunity the Accelerated program provides us in enhancing the experience for our youth. Its continuation and growth will provide the opportunity to travel, compete, and play the great game of baseball. In addition, the wide variety of teams and skill levels also provides a stage to showcase our talent amongst the Cal Ripken programs in the valley and further develop the skills of our players.

Questions email accelerated@chcrbaseball.com

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